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My Eyeless girlfriend || Mini Movie || Gacha Life

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This mini movie was meant to be 1hour long, but as I went with the story, it got more and more emotional.

This was inspired by the few starting episodes of a Korean Drama "Hotel del Luna".

Story plot:
A boy named Adrien is known as a bully since childhood. When he went to highschool, he met a grim reaper who had cursed him to see ghosts. The first ghost he saw was a girl named Angelica, they both get to know each other, and soon fall in love. A few years later after university, Adrien got into a car accident. After all that, on his funeral, the grim reaper takes both Angelica and Adrien to heaven. And they die happily ever after.

This story doesn't make sense in my opinion, but I hope you liked it! And I will not be making a part 2 due to the ending. Also, the original plot had more comedy and cringe, I might show it if anyone wants in the comments. Well, no one reads these anyways- so. Yeah.


Screenshots needed:

Time taken:
3 weeks and 3 days
(24 days)

Apps used:
Diamond Kinemaster
Gacha Life

I'm pretty sure this will be the last gacha life video-


Instagram username:
Website: https://instagram.com/artsy7yeet?igshid=k9pzhzwxdbzu

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